Interior Alaska

Beaver Creek, White Mountains

An adventure in true wilderness relatively close to the city of Fairbanks, the gateway to interior Alaska. The landscape along this water way varies from the rolling hills of the Tanana/Yukon Uplands to the jagged limestone peaks of the White Mountains. A wild and scenic river, Beaver Creek seeks it's way through this lime stone formation in Alaska’s interior. The river originates approximately 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks and flows along jagged cliffs towards the Yukon River. Ahead are 127 miles of a designated National Wild and Scenic River, most of it within the White Mountains Recreation Area.

Included in all guided trips are all meals on the tour, camping and cooking gear, water treatment, safety equipment and first aid. 

Not included are accommotation before tour start, personal tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. More information and what to bring here.

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